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Our Philosophy

Developing successful business requires bridging the gap between the customer of the past and the customer of the future. Investing in digital solutions and business model optimization allows for creation of competitive advantages which can not be achieved by those who fail to appreciate the importance of this. We love smart solutions and smart businesses and we will help you to get there.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide concrete suggestions and solutions on how you can improve your business model by investing in digitization of your business processes. Would it be a simple SEO optimization, website development, digital custom solutions for your clients, set of visualizations or automation of order delivery, all this can be implemented and developed by our team in Lithuania and abroad.



it is whole IT services complex in one place: infrastructure establishment and systems administration, infrastructure as a service, licencing, business processes optimization, web design and coding – everything for your business to become more competitive and capture higher market share.


Our services

Web Develompent

Giving life to innovative and challenging projects. Turning your vision and ideas into reality; connecting business goals with user needs for quality results.


Your branding is what makes your business unique in this technology world. It’s your business’s personality and it should be impressive. Even in today’s world where competition is so tough, branding must separete you from gray masses.


We know how much your customers mean to you, thus it’s our mission to use digital marketing to help you build relationships with them. We take statistic very seriously and our digital marketing will bring you the desired results.

Business relocation

Being founded in Lithuania allows us to know the market very well. This allows us to be a perfect partner in business relocation services. We help Scandinavian companies move or outsource their business processes to Lithuania by finding partners, suppliers or employees.


Our international team has wide range of qualifications regarding digital solutions and business cases. Our network of partners in Lithuania, Central Asia and Scandinavia allows us to help our clients in finding the optimal solutions for any kind of the problems they would have, be it legal, digital or financial.


Content management

Running few businesses in Scandinavia, we deliver a constant flow of content to various projects in order to keep the market place attention on our solutions. Maintaining different communication channels open for us and our clients is one of our core focuses.


We like to think of ourself as innovative, technology-driven, young, yet experienced, passionate and committed professionals who strive to push your company’s potential to the maximum.

We focus on solving complex IT problems, developing individual enterprise applications, building customised eCommerce websites and providing sophisticated up-to-date mobile solutions. Most importantly, we use our expertise and experience to help our partners aim higher..



Mantas M.


With two international degrees in Marketing Management and Multimedia Design and Communication, Mantas has helped in establishing various business models and solutions ranging from online media companies to event management and web design teams.

Lina M.


With the degrees from leading Lithuanian business schools, Lina has a vast amount of experience when dealing with investment into business and government policies.

Hamed R.

Sales Rep.

For the past 10 years Hamed has worked with businesses in Scandinavian market. Being a sales manager and role model for his implementation of e-business solutions. Now he uses his experience to help others improve their business through investment in 21st century solutions.

“I am so thankful for Diginvest. Their firm helped us get through some of the hardest times of our lives. They really care about their clients.”

Mindaugas,  Wacky Events


Our design solutions


Current projects is the biggest news portal for Lithuanians in Scandinavia. UAB DigInvesta has developed this project to manage communication to the Lithuanian expat community and to provide a channel for other businesses and entrepreneurs to market their products and services for this target group.

Our content managers daily find and translate interesting articles and news for our target audience. We have achieved in creating the biggest following of any projects meant for Lithuanians in Scandinavia. Currently we have 13500 followers on Facebook and maintain a steady organic growth every week surpassing projects which are much older and target much bigger audiences.  

Our content strategy allows us to engage and market in new and innovative ways, which means that our clients are able to present and showcase their brands in a non-intrusive fashion.

Our vision for this project is to create a reliable channel for Lithuanians to stay in touch with Lithuania and allow Lithuanian businesses to enter and find partners in a lucrative but closed Scandinavian market.

We believe that maintaining the connection between expats and their homeland is one of the first building stones to ensure that they would be well informed and maintain an interest in returning to Lithuania.

LTConsult is our groups newest project which sets focus on investing in digital solutions to improve the lives of many of our Lithuanian expats living in Denmark. The company is actively developing a new platform that allows both businesses and private people to access a one window solution for establishing and managing a business in Denmark, doing their paperwork and accounting, receiving legal services from our partners and many other much needed services.

We have established a network or partners that provide their services for individuals from a single premium location in the city center of Copenhagen.

Our vision is to create and promote a digital product, that would allow all Lithuanians a simple, effective and timely access to help in Denmark. This solution is necessary, because majority of issues faced by Lithuanian expats is related to lack of language skills, complex Danish system, limited public information about essential Danish rules and regulations. By providing a wide range of services on a single automated platform, we can ensure that Lithuanian will become better integrated and more competitive members of Danish society.


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